Georgios Zantis

George holds a Master’s degree from the University of Arizona in the field computer networks and specifically on VOIP telephony. He was employed by the University of Arizona as a partner in research projects and as a lecturer in “Basic Electric Circuits” and “Microcontrollers” laboratories. In addition, he worked as a programmer and subsequently as a Research Team Leader at Odyssey since 2007. At the same time, he has been working as a trainer at MIEEK since 2013. His interests include participations in innovation competitions, robotics and home security. In addition, he has dealt with automation products and created products that help children with disabilities. Some of the technologies used are RFID authentication, GPS tracking, Bluetooth communications, GSM data transfer, RF data links and data acquisition.

Keywords: #Arduino, #RaspberryPi, #RFID, #RadioFrequency, #InfraRed, #Robotics

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