Antonis Charalambous

After acquiring my bachelors in Computer Science, I decided to pursue a Masters in Cyber Security, there I was given the opportunity to be exposed to the world of security. Within a year I had participated in multiple CTF competitions with the greatest being a battle of the top 10 universities within the UK hosted at Cambridge University and founded by Facebook (acquired the 5th place). Once I had completed my masters I started working as a Cyber Security Consultant at Unipart Cyber Security where as part of a team we delivered cyber security services such as Penetration Testing delivering to the highest standard. After approximately two years, I was promoted to a Cyber Security Testing Analyst and moved to the Group Security team within Unipart Group. Now, we are developing an alternative Security Operation Center (SoC) like team focusing in purple teaming activities and Attack Driven Defense programs with aim to improve the security of the group worldwide as well as the security industry in general. My role is to apply my penetration testing knowledge by attacking against existing defense layers and developing ways to defend against their weaknesses.

Keywords: #EthicalHacking #PurpleTeaming #SecurityOperatinoCenter #CTF #AttackDrivenDefense